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Looking for that premium tablet repair in California? You have come to the right place as we can take a look at your tablet, diagnose the problem quickly and get to repair it in no time. iPads are amazing machines with a large 120Hz display and stereo speakers for an immersive experience. We can fix broken screens, damaged speakers, water damage, battery, camera, microphone and more. All you have to do is walk into your nearest phone repair store and get it checked. We fix all kinds of iPads and other tablets as well! Our repair prices are affordable and hard to beat considering the work our expert technicians put in and the high-grade repair equipment we make use of! For further information, visit First Response Phone Repair today and while you are there, you can check out some of our other products as well like some of the best mobile accessories in California.

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Warranty on All Repairs
All of our repairs and parts come with a reliable lifetime limited warranty. Avail it any time within the eligibility period. We provide the finest iPad repair in California!
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We replace the broken screen by carefully removing the glass shards and putting a fresh new one in.


A battery loses its ability to hold a charge with constant charging over time. Bring your tablet in and we can replace the cell for you!

Charging Port

That charging port must have gotten loose over months of constant use. Let us put it in place before it breaks!


Got a busted speaker? We can fix it for you and if it’s not up to par, we can replace it with a new one.


That camera on the back is capable of doing wonders. Let us fix the lens so you can get back to taking photos.

Water Damage

Spilled a drink over your tablet? Even if you dropped it in the pool, we can fix the water damage.


We try to fix overheating issues by checking the software first and then moving toward the hardware if the issue is not resolved.


Your loved ones can’t hear you properly. It’s usually an issue with the microphone and we can always fix it!

Bring in the device
We try our best to give your tablet a complete check-up so you know exactly what is wrong with it and how much it will cost to fix the problem. All our diagnostics are done by skilled technicians and are free of cost! Bring your iPad and have it checked today!
Repair Process
We keep the communication alive between us and our customers. You will be informed about every repair beforehand, so you stay posted on the progress. We will give you a date you can expect your device to get fixed and returned to you! We follow through on our promises.
What people are saying.
Jesse Torres
Been here twice so far Excellent service! fixed my screen and corrected a problem with my phone. Very prompt and lets u know the time frame when fixing it.
Lesya Dashkevych
Thank you guys for quick response. I like the stuff, they are welcome. The great varieties of used phones you can find here👌👌👌 thank you

Pledging the Solution that Your Tablet deserve In California

If you have a tablet, your device may have more chances to suffer from any damages at any time like other devices. At this point, you have to call First Response Phone Repair, as we have highly skilled technicians that diagnose the fault your devices have within a short space of time. We always work under the right approach that can fit for your problem and guarantee 99% satisfactory results from the client side. All our customers that had come to us for their tablet repair, got satisfying results from us. As our utmost priority is to help customers and repair their devices without taking much time.

We Repair For Your Use- For Your Play

No Matter what type of tablet you have, no matter what type of problem your tablet has diagnosed, our team is ready to provide an advanced solution for your concern. Whether your tablet screen got cracked or your device has water damage or any other common issues, we are here to help you and give you the smart solution for your smart devices. Also, we use only high quality parts and materials while repairing tablets. Whether you need a new screen or an internal component replaced, we're here to help. Our tablet repair services are available at competitive rates, so you can be sure you're getting the best value.

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  • Customer Satisfaction is our top priority!
  • We work diligently and earnestly to make our customers happy
  • Our warranty is well trusted in the tech repair space!
  • Our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals can remedy all of your phone-related problems
  • If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you!
  • If our competitors have better rates, we will match their price by $10 within a 10-mile radius
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